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Dua Wazifa The Gift Of Allah

Dua a beautiful word. Allah has created plenty of beautiful things which are hard to explain. Might Allah and inshallah has created this beautiful world, nature in it, humans like us, animals, plants. Fresh air, water, fire, these all things are gifts from Allah.

Islam is the religion, where a user becomes a human, not an animal. Where our holy book of Qur'an teaches each and every one the lesson of life. What a human should do or not. What are the good things what are the terrible things? Every item has mentioned in our Qur'an.

Islam is the only religion which an individual can practice for his or her whole life, where our Allah teaches us to walk on the right path, to go straight on the proper way. It always protects us from committing bad things which are heinous to perform, which makes us shaitan.

Allah keeps all shaitan away from us if we follow our religion correctly and becomes a pure Muslim as others do. Islam not only teaches how to behave, but it also shows what to do at every corner, at every step.

We all are living in a modern world, where Allah can't come to every single individual or us. That is why he wrote our holy book Qur'an, where he mentioned the solution of everything.

You may not find the solution of everything on google, but an individual can find it in Qur'an. First, you should start with the basic, become a proper Muslim, and follow Islam nicely. One should take a bath every day. Wear neat, clean, and fresh clothes.

A Muslim should do the prayer of all five times at a calm and clean corner of a mosque or home. Before having any meal, once should show gratitude to Allah for giving him this meal. Do not harm others; try to help them more and more. Also, teach others about your religion. So, they can even live peacefully in their lives.

Always pray for Jannat not for Jihad as both are different. Always give respect to your elders and women, as they are the most valuable part of ones. Wazifa, Dua, Ayat, Namaz. These are some prayers which play a crucial role in every other Muslims life. These prayers not only bring peace to once life. It also brings happiness, prosperity, love, wealth between a family.

These prayers also protect you and your family from all evil eyes and shaitan. Allah puts his hand on your heads. These prayers have a solution if every problem, the answer which you are looking out has already had you. You need to open our holy book Quran and will find each and everything solution in it.

Qur'an is a special gift for all Muslim brothers in this world as it has a solution for every problem. It protects you from every issue. Even it enhances your happiness, prosperity, and health. It teaches you how to love others, how to behave like a human.

Always believe in Allah they will help for sure.

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