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Hamzad ko Apne pass bulane ka Tarika

Hamzad is those who do not have any life in them. Which means they are not living beings; they are the ones who died long ago due to some pathetic conditions. When a person dies due to such wretched conditions, his or her soul comes back into the place where human exists. Their motive is to harm human and all other living beings because they saw the worst death.

They are similar to shaitans, part, Ginnies. The only difference is you can control them; even you make them your servant. But not all souls are evil, some souls are excellent, and they always try to help living beings as they are the positive ones

Ginnie, part or shaitan these are some negative energies which known in Islam. No one can control negative energy. One you can control a human, but you may not able to manage a nonliving being which is not alive, which already dies long ago.

Ameen! May God protect us from such evil things. Those who believe in such things and have faith over it, these things exist for them. For those who do not even find on the existence of these things, still, such energies exist in real. It is not a thing for a joke, even never take it as a joke; this is our suggestion to you.

Because we all know if right persons exist, then bad exists too and if positive energies exist, then evil powers also. If God exists, then the devil exists too. It is up to you, on whom you have more faith, on whom you have more believe.

Try to chant more wazifa, more dua. Do all five times prayer as a proper Muslim do so that you can keep all these things away from you.

How to control a hazard?

It may be complicated, but the process of controlling them is straightforward. You can control them without any fear.

Only you need to put your fear aside and perform the ritual to control them. Your anxiety may disturb them, which can reverse all your spells. Which also causes that you will become their servants; instead, they will become yours.

We would suggest you perform this spell under the guidance of an expert as hazards are dangerous, they can take your lives too if you make a minor mistake in your ritual.

Molavi Ji is the ones who are expert in it. They can help you very well. Try to take their help if you want to stay on a safe side rather than on the dangerous ones


Look at the sun for 15 minutes then have a look at your feet for 5 minutes, again look at the sun. Perform this procedure for one hour. After a few moments, you would able to see white marks and Siya in the sky, which will get increase day by day. Once may able to see the same spot on his or her feet as well. Within three days, Hamzad starts talking to you. If this thing does not go to work, then perform such a ritual for 40 days.

Always believe in Allah they will help for sure.

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