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Qurani Wazifa for Breast Enlargement

Breast, a most beautiful feature which given to the woman. To adds more beauty in her body. A woman body considered as the most beautiful body on the earth. Allah has given more features to the woman as compared to a man.

Breast is one of the features and body part which adds more beauty to a woman's body. Allah gives breast to the woman so she can look more beautiful and feed her infant with her breast milk. As we all know, infants can't have anything, but they can drink milk, especially their mother's breast milk.

According to the research, breast milk is more suitable and healthier for an infant as it has more nutrition and minerals in it, which is crucial for an infant. But breast milk comes when a woman has a healthy body with more massive and massive breasts. As it is necessary to keep and store the milk in it.

Not all women have such more massive breasts; every women body is different from other women. Some have bigger breasts, while some have smaller breasts.

Many women are dreaming and wishing about more massive breasts. So, they can look more beautiful like other women looks. But it depends upon your hormones. Your hormones give shapes to your breasts.

Nowadays, many types of different products are available in the market, which helps you to increase the size of your breast. Such as various types of breast creams are available in the market which you need to rub on your chest in clockwise so you will get bigger breasts in fewer days. Apart from cosmetics, there are various capsules, pills, and medicines available with the consumption of such products once they can able to get bigger breasts within a short period.

If you do not want the consumption of such products because you think they can harm your body, then choose the option of exercise. Exercise can help you to give a good body shape; it also helps you to enhance your features such as your breasts and hips. Different types of exercises exist to increase the size of your breast. You need to perform it to get a bigger size.

Even when a woman does physical activity with her partner, it also increases the size of her breast. When a woman gets pregnant at that time of period, her capacity of chest gets also increased. Breast is the body part of a woman who attracts a man. This is known as a symbol of beauty in women. It attracts so many eyes when you are on your way.

How to increase breast size?

Try to make ablution. After performing isha prayer, read durood Shareef for eleven times without speaking to anyone after completing your isha prayer Recite verse one of Surah AT TEEN for at least eleven times in a day. Reread durood Shareef for eleven times. After reading these prayers, blow it over your breasts and then take a nap. Perform this remedy for forty-one days, and inshallah you will see the results


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