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Qurani Wazifa to get husband love back

Husband a man who promises his wife to stay by her side forever until his last breath. A person who takes all the responsibility of his wife in terms of financially and physically.

Husband a person who earn money to feed his wife, to fulfil all her desires. A man who promised his wife never cheats her, never betrayal her. To stay by her side in times of ups and downs, to act as her backbone.

To add some primary factors to stay loyal with his wife, to love her, to care for her, to like her. A family with kids depends upon his father or husband of their mother. Women are always dreaming about a man in their life who do love, care, and support her. She even wants a man who never cheats and stays loyal to her.

Husband love considers as most precious love. The relation between husband and wife is pure as love and sacred as well. When it comes to physical needs, a woman gets satisfied with the love of his husband. Both physical and internal love is precious for a relationship between husband and wife.

But many times, our destiny, fate, and luck do not go as we think. When you have bad luck and unfortunate, your husband does not love you as you want, or you start losing the love which your husband may give you.

There are plenty of reasons when a husband stops his love for his wife. Such as when he started losing interest in his wife, when he has any other woman in his life when he concentrates more on his work rather than his wife, etc. These circumstances create no love between a husband and wife.

You wife may love you, but due to such reasons as mentioned earlier, your husband does not love you back like the way you do to him. After such tensed marriage life, women may do some wrong things to get some love or find ways here and there to get her husband love back. Today we bring an article where once can find her husband love back with the help of Wazifa.


● Perform this ritual after 11 days when you complete with your Fazr Prayer.
● Wear fresh and clean clothes which must newly wash. Spray non-alcoholic perfume over your body.
● Do wuzu before wazifa
● Read durood Sharifa for 11 times
● Recite below given dua for at least 11 times: Yaha Yyuya Qayumu Bii Raah Matik Aista Gith
● Write your husband's name on a piece of paper, then fold it. Now read surah Fatiha for 313 times, after reciting it blows over the piece of paper. Keep that paper safe to you.
● Read surah Lahab for 73 times
● Read durood Shareef for at least 11 times
● Pray to Allah to bring your husband love back. Keep that paper safely along with you and recite the below mention Ayat for 900 times in a day.

Laa Ilaha Illa Antaa Subhaan Ekaiin Niikun Tumiinz Zaalimiin


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