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Surah Iklash ka Wazifa for love marriage

At the time of marriage, a pair of the couple make promises which they will fulfil until their last breaths.

Promises such as living together, never cheat each other, never betrayal each other, never lie to one another, never bring any third person in between their relation, prohibition of any extramarital affair, any other person such as man and woman in a married couple's life Marriage relation is not easy to maintain for a lifetime. It takes a lot of efforts, adjustments, compromises, sacrifices. These are some secondary factors which are essential to keep a marriage.

But to make a marriage successful and happy. A couple needs to require love, care, honesty, support, attraction to each other. Such factors are crucial and relevant for a marriage.

As it said, marriage is not a play of dolls, where once want to play the game and use another person. Where once wish to quit the game when you get fed up. But when it comes to true love and wants to stay with one another for a whole lifetime. You can make your marriage successful if you have consent for it. People fall in love, but many less of them wants to get married. As nowadays people fall in love then quite their relationship after a few months.

It said that lucky are those who get married to their loved ones. Yes, you may be fortunate if you marry the person whom you love and in return, that person also likes you back. When you decide to get married, you may face a lot of problems such as your family may not agree with your choice. A person whom you want to get married is not right for you. In Islam, love marriage prohibited. We all know that it writes in the holy book of Qur'an that a man and woman couldn't stay together before their wedding. Which means if you fall in love, then you stay together before your marriage.

Islam religion does not permit those who want to get married in a love marriage relationship.

We bring a solution for you where you may able to convince your parents and family for your love marriage, and they also agree to you quickly.


● Wear clean, fresh or newly washed clothes.
● Recite durood Shareef thrice before the beginning of wazifa and at the end of wazifa again recite it.
● Read this dua for at least 313 times and pray to mighty Allah to agree with your parents for your marriage.
● Now you may see results within 11 days


The following is the Surah Iklash ka Wazifa for love marriage

Yaa Sataroll Ayubee Yaa Saba Biill Asbabii Iyyakaa Naa Buduu Waa Iyyakaa Nast Ain Yaa Hayyoo Yaa Kay Yum Birah Matikaa Astagizz


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